What You Need To Know About Car Wreckers


Cash For Cars Hamilton is a place where you can sell your damaged or unwanted vehicle. We deal in all kinds of cars – new or used. Our motto “we service you car like a dentist”, has proven very effective for many of our clients. If you have a damaged or unwanted car that you are trying to get rid off, why not consider Cash For Cars?

Whether you need cash immediately or need a vehicle for longer term use, our professional staff is available to provide emergency services round the clock. Cash for cars – Hamilton offers a complete range of services from routine maintenance to emergency pickup and delivery. When you need a car to be repaired or junked, our trucks are always available for pick-up or delivery. No matter what kind of vehicle we are dealing with – a damaged car, a salvage car or a classic car, our skilled technicians are quick to come to the rescue.

Most of our vehicles are either registered in the Waikato region or owned by a client from the Waikato region. Some of our vehicles include a fleet of vans such as 4WDs, minibuses, sedans, convertibles, coupes and hatchbacks etc. We also provide fleets of pick-up trucks such as Bobcat, cars, bakkie, hoe, etc. We also provide mobile repair workshops and mobile mechanics. These vehicles are mainly used to haul assorted types of waste products, debris and trash.

Among our fleet of vans and pick-ups are a couple of utility vans such as the Mopar and the Bobcat. These utility vehicles are generally used to haul materials and products from one place to another. They can either be fitted with ramps or steps and are easily managed by the drivers. The Bobcat is especially useful as it is one of the few pick-up trucks that have front wheel drive. Bobcat is also a good choice for hauling materials on weekends when you cannot go out on to the street to do the job. Most of our car wreckers are also fitted with air conditioning, AC, power steering and traction control.

We have a number of other auto wreckers and auto services including gold card detailing, door to door body removal, paint touch-up, interior upholstery, car detailing and engine refurbishment to choose from. Most of these auto wreckers are operated on a per hour basis and charge an affordable service fee for doing any detailing work on the clients’ cars and vans. Some of our auto wreckers also provide security, satellite tracking, 24-hour communication and surveillance service and a mobile garage.

Many people in the Waikato area are now using car wreckers Hamilton to cater for their vehicle transportation needs. These are reliable and professional machines that are easy to use and manage. Most of our car wreckers are extensively trained for all types of emergencies. The used auto parts and accessories are refurbished and tested before they are packed and shipped to their clients. All of our car wreckers have secure and safe facilities that keep the vehicles safely stored when not in use. All of our used auto parts and accessories are made from quality material and are extremely durable.

Most car wreckers Hamilton have their own repair shops where any vehicle repair issue can be easily fixed. These repair shops are always available and help in dealing with any issues that may arise. Our used-vehicle wreckers are fully equipped with the latest repair tools and equipment. All vehicles are thoroughly inspected before they are sold. All used auto parts and accessories are tested by professionals before they are packed and shipped to their clients.

Car wreckers Hamilton takes every measure to ensure customer satisfaction. We pay attention to each detail and offer a wide range of services to our customers. All of our wreckers are professionally serviced and well maintained in order to ensure maximum performance and longevity of each vehicle that is transported. Used cars can be easily repaired by one of our wreckers. They also service all makes of vehicles, whether it is a Ford, GMC, van, pick-up truck SUV, minivan or campervan, etc.